About me.. 52, daft but harmless

About me.. 52, daft but harmless

Well Hello!

Welcome to my on-line meanderings, ponderings, ramblings and shenanigans!

I’ll be posting stuff about food, music, books, and just general blah about stuff I’m interested in. I’ll try not to make too much sense as that would be dull.

I haven’t got the time (really I can’t be arsed!) to do this every day so I’ll probably update and blog once a week or whenever something excites me or gets my goat.

Food – I’ll share some of my favourite recipes, review any restaurants I’ve visited which hopefully you’ll like too.

Music – I’ll post reviews of any gig’s I’ve been to, share my thoughts on new bands I’ve heard and just generally be over enthusiastic about everything musical……..apart from jazz…can’t stand jazz!!!

Books – This is where I’ll write about my favourite books, why I like them and what they mean to me. I’ll also use this space to shamelessly plug my own novels and maybe even write the next one here.

Blah! – My chance to get all the weird stuff out of my head to make room for some more nonsense!

Manchester City – I’ve been a fan for 40yrs so I’ve seen the bad times and the good and those mediocre ones. I’ll be writing about my time as a fan, telling tells of my years following the team.

I hope you’ll enjoy what I write and you’ll keep coming back to see what else I’ve been up to; though If you decide that this is a pile of shite then that’s ok, thank you for visiting in the first place.

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